What a boring life!

I moved to another place for two weeks, my mission is to be warden for the cat and the house. It is a nice small house still in the center of Villeurbanne with a Swimming pool! So I can enjoy each day to take a bath after my hard working days.

I also enjoy the dvd collection of the house: I re-watch all Star-Wars, Lord of the Ring and Harry Potter.

It is also an occasion to invite friends without bothering my parents. To re-see people I haven’t see for long.

For that week my girl-friend was with me: it is a small discovery of what will happen when we will be together in our own flat, maybe soon?

This last month I went twice to cinema and I wish to advise you those two movies I see: « The Russian Dolls », a wonderful movie that follow « Euro Pudding », both are incredible! More recently I saw « Charlie and the chocolate factory » that remind me my childhood when I red the book of Roal Dal. I was very afraid to be disappointed, but Tim Burton makes a very good adaptation and is close to the story.


Ordinary miracles…

Hit wave over the country and especially where I stay in Lyon. However, I may enjoy a very little garden, little but huge for such city! My favorite is a bouquet of lavender as to remind me that I am close from « Provence », with those blue flowers come the untilled yellow sunflowers…


The final touch is an apricot tree which gives so much fruits that a couple of branch broke up! For the next week we are going to eat apricot in jam, tart, compote…

I build last week a new system to publish my pictures: you can see them here.



I went this week end in Nevers to discover my sister’s new place. The hit was at the rendez-vous allowing us to some walk and a barbecue. As usually she prepares a game which gives us to laugh.

On the picture you can see the final karaoke!