Take my pictures off another wall

Long time without giving news? but I am still alive! Those last weeks were very busy: I was installing myself in my flat. For the moment it is a modern camp: no bed but a mattress, a garden table for dining room table… The only good furniture is a sofa!

Even without furniture I keep busy by opening my trunks: it’s like re-seeing all my life! I watch plenty of old pictures (put some on the white walls), pill up some of old book, check some old partition of music (I try to replay them)…

I also take some time to visit my new town: some famous places and sightseeing. I had also to stay home for 48 hours of rain: the bridge next my building was underwater… but mostly it is sunny: I manage to shut down the hitting system!

I am waiting to have internet and phone then I would be able to show some picture of my flat and try to imitate my dear Indians flatmate who never stop talking at phone!