I went last few day to Orkney.

As you can see I was in good company! We saw seals [phoques], seabirds [mouettes] and guillemots but no puffins [maquereux] as expected. We also visit some very old stones: a village and a standing stone circle from 5000 years ago.

I came back this morning in Aberdeen and I am already packing to go away… I am returning all my staffs which give to taught about the last 9 months in Scotland.


The weather is beautiful as if it was celebrating my holidays! I am seating in the grass with my lap-top with around me seabirds, rabbits and flowers… as in a dream!

The exam of this morning was not too hard, but who know what the teacher want? I hope I wrote enough.

I am living tomorrow for a week-end in Orkney, so the weekly crêpes party will take place tonight rather than Saturday, the last one in Aberdeen.

It seams that, all I do actually is “the last time in Aberdeen”: last Monday session in blue-lamp, last Ceilidh…

I visit Wednesday the maritime museum, a very interesting presentation of off-shore installation. I advice it for every one as is not too long.

what a bad day…

The exam of today was quite bad, as the mark of the assessment a redeive just after… The only good news is the assessment of distributed information system!
Now only one exam left at the end of the week and some party to wish happy holidays and travel back home to friends…
Somes special wishes for georgia’s Birthday!
I won’t make any politic comments about the referundum…