What come after fall?

Usually the answer is Winter. But this year it is wrong: fall is finish and their is no winter… at the opposite a soft taste of spring comes. This year weather is crazy!

In fact I am not even sure fall is finish: leaves did not all fall. I am only very used to have cold winter with a little apparition of snow… The only snow I sow this year was artificial, on Christmas tree, putting in a circle of palm trees: its ugly and do not taste Christmas.

Maybe my problem is to live in a too warm area: Mediterranean sea is blessed! Therefore we get norther for Christmas and we get something looking like a cold fall rather than a winter… So not only in the south, it is warm!

Those last days were so warm, we took our bike to enjoy the sun: from Frontignan
back home along « Le Canal du Rhône à Sète ». On the map it is the small white line in the middle of « lacs ».

Canal du Rhône à Sète

The sky is perfectly blue as it could be in summer ; we wear only T-shirt because it was hot enough.

Par Nathanaël Martel

Développeur Web, défenseur de la culture libre et du revenu de base