way of life

Little taught about the last movie I saw : « Is due to Fidel! » (« La faute à Fidel« ). The story is about a nine year old girl (Anna) with a easy life in a mid-class family. Suddenly her parents become more engaged in pro-communist fight : Salvador Allende…. Obviously Anna doesn’t understand what happens around her, why they become poor, why she stop to go religious courses and other small questions… But also more complexe question as « How to know that what you do is right ».During all the movies, you seems thinking Like Anna, and you are asking you the same question, and all over the movie, you get answers from all part: middle-class grand parent in one hand and parent and parent’s friends in the other hand. None of the answers are good enough and finally I went to the conclusion that what matter is what you want to live. The film is only a way to show you to way of life absolutely opposite but caricatured. In the middle of this two sample, you might find your own way of life, but please: without fanaticism!

Par Nathanaël Martel

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