traveling with computer

I just give a congratulation to wikipedia, a very good project of encyclopedia. That project is not new, and is already very used…

So today I wanted to tell you about what you can do with wikipedia and Google earth / map: traveling.

I forgot to tell what are Google map and Google earth. The first is a website with maps and satellite photos of almost everywhere, the second is an application that allow you too navigate in a 3D environment over the world. If the two are very closed they are also really related.

If your are used of wikipedia you probably sow a link like: 43°36?43?N, 3°52?38?E
(this one come from this page: Those link lead to a page where you have a choice of application like Google map and when clicking on one of them you are redirected on it at the accurate coordinate point. So just by consulting your encyclopedia, you find the location and are able to view it with a satellite view…

Recently, I discover the opposite in Google earth: while navigating on an area, you get those small « puzzled star », symbol of the encyclopedia. By clicking on it, you see information about the place you are overseeing. Here is an example on Paris:Well, I am sorry if you will spend all your time traveling on Internet…

Par Nathanaël Martel

Développeur Web, défenseur de la culture libre et du revenu de base