Hold Up

I am not intending to make a hold up, no this title came from the last book I read: “Hijacking the World The dark side of Microsoft”, the English version of “Le Hold Up Planétaire” writing by Roberto Di Cosmo in 1998 and relating the behaviour of the largest software editor. This book is height years old, but still very actual and give a very bad image of the Redmond company. These company sell bad or poor software at very hight prices using marketings and enforcing contract to keep exclusivity…

Shortly wee can said we have been fucked during lot of time and it will take long for the pain to go away. I, personally, stop to use those product for my personnel needs and I will try to write a guide some days.

In an other hand this book should keep our main when wee set up an information system, when wee choose a product rather than an other, when we trust a company… If I am not going to trust Redmond company for a while I think wee should also take care of other, especially the one of mountain view, which is not selling high prices bad software – all are good (for mi point of view) and free – but is controlling an huge part the network, and especially product I use.

Par Nathanaël Martel

Développeur Web, défenseur de la culture libre et du revenu de base