fresher week

Children go back to school, tourist are gone away, so holidays time is ending. In fact is wasn’t so much holiday for me: I took only one week, but the town and the full country atmosphere is remind me these fresher week. As I remember it is the first year I am not coming back somewhere : no school, hight school, university… nothing new for me this year.

What, then? The atmosphere of children holidays and summer weather wasn’t bad for activities: A I told you I spent one week in Mercantour for some hiking, but is was also time for some wedding ceremony: L&N in June and D&R in September two couple of friend from Engineer school, in overview a lot of emotions. It was also time to “hag up the cream pot”, a tradition consisting to inaugurate a new flat or a new house. We celebrate the 40th birthday of the eldest of my stepbrother C, a surprise we make for him.

Else, there were a lot of week-end with friends or family, a very hot month of July and a rainy day in Sète on august the 15th. I hope that fresher week will not remove all this activities: so we are waiting for your visit or maybe we will visit you, it is only a matter of time you should take an appointment…

Par Nathanaël Martel

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