Inventing cold water

This title comes while I got a client who asks itself why he is asking us to develop software that already exists in slightly different form. He probably does not remember the essential differences…

For myself, I just would like to know what is better: using existing free software or develop your own software which will be closest to your needs? I guess you have to decide according the case… and maybe the peoples.

As you know, I was developing (for my private use) a software to publish my photos. You can still see it at this address, and on some friends web site who used it (JH, N). But as every personal development, it goes very slowly and don’t do all I expect it to do. Even if I am really proud of it, it is not good enough. Worth, I find a software which do it better and which is free to use! So I give up my project and announce you my last photos on my new photos space: I am not going to « invent cold water », but rather to make my organisation suit with good existing tools.

Aug 7, 2006 – 95 Photos

I am sorry it is Google again… I now use those projects of the Mountain View company: GMail, Calendar, Reader, Blogger, Picasa, PicasaWeb, Groups, GTalk, Maps and Google obviously! It may mean that they make good job!

Par Nathanaël Martel

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That’s a pity you use Google software when talking about making a choice between personal software and existing free software…

It may be the beginning of an interesting comment, but there is no arguments. My point of view is that google product are good one and are free, not open but free.

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