I get It!

Some news from south France: I have so much to say… so I will delay it over the week (if I don’t forget). It is strange to remember that in December I had nothing to write; probably I wasn’t in a good mound.
So what change during those two last month? Easy: everything! I get a job, and then I moved to another city, another flat, new furniture, new address, new phone… and Internet Broadband.
I am back to life after more than one month without any communication channel in a town where I know almost no one.

I went to cinema last Saturday for an extraordinary movie: « tout la beauté du monde », a soft and romantic love story in a paradisiacal background. But It wasn’t the best: in fact the story itself was so closely related to my life, I should said both of us: my girlfriend and me.

Par Nathanaël Martel

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