Tout le bonheur du monde

Some words in French to wish you a happy new year:

Je vous souhaite:
Tout le bonheur du monde
Et que quelqu’un vous tende la main,
Que votre chemin évite les bombes,
Qu’il mène vers de calmes jardins.

A bad translation could be:

I wish you:
All the world happiness
And that someone give you his hand,
That your path doesn’t cross bombs,
But lead to quiet gardens.

It is a beginning, a beginning of a lot of staff: as I have said earlier I have a job, so now I get a pay! And I have got a true flat! I need to find how to feel it, but for that task I am not alone. Catherine is giving me plenty of ideas, and we went to Ikea to find others. I hope that for July it will be well equipped and then I will be able to receive you, make party…

How describe my empty flat? The better is to begin with the environment. The building is in modern district build following the same idea. From my building to the city-centre, all is in the same style: something between Roman and old Greek rather Greek by the names. As the district is 10 or 15 years old, it looks almost new, and seams suitable to live. From my 5th floor terrace I see big part of all that and it is pleasant.

Another day I will post a photo, when I found where my camera batteries are! If you want to know the address you can ask me by mail or look in Ringo.

Par Nathanaël Martel

Développeur Web, défenseur de la culture libre et du revenu de base

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I am really happy for YOU!

I am looking forward to see pictures of your flat…


I am greatly pleased to find that you havent lost touch with English language and your description certainly creates images in the mind.Happy living to both of you.


Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

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