The Sun of Austerlitz

Don’t say that yesterday was sunny – it was rather very cloudy -, but the event makes me fill as on sunny days: I fund a job, or maybe the job funds me! I am going to make studies and development as I was looking for, in a very small company. For that raison I am going to move in Montpellier a south France town, near the Mediterranean Sea and ? the sun.

So two hundred years after the victory of Napoleon, the sun was shinning in my head.
For a bit more of excitement, I have been offered some material as compensation for my work this summer: an extra flat 19 inches screen , a set of high quality speakers, a wireless keyboard and a wireless laser mouse.

Now I am discovering my environment, before moving and been in immersion in a new city and begin a new life. After Reims, Landouzy la ville, Boulogne sur mer, Chabeuil, Saint-Etienne, Aberdeen and Villeurbanne, Montpellier will be mine. I have now to hurry up to find a flat and to begin my life as an active people: to pass the driving license, to get married…

Par Nathanaël Martel

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great news for you !
I hope you will enjoy it !
(and i’m happy to see that i’m not the only one who have a crap english again ! :?)

will you stay there for a long while or are you moving again next year ? 😉

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