Another suitcase in another hall

After two busy weeks of work, I am Happy! For more than one raison:
First, my job is really interesting! I can’t describe it easily; neither can I tell you why I like it. It’s a mix of responsibility, involvement, programming, independence?
Second, I have found a flat. A large one, where both Catherine and me will be able to build our home and certainly more.
Third, it is Christmas! Should I say more? If children like it for the amount of present (almost only toys which are going soon or late in garbage), I rather like it for meeting family and people that I can’t see usually. Even if it is an exhaustive time (run from one place to another), the pleasure is in gathering us: exchanging news, sharing a big meal?

But everything is not happy: The big flat I will have is not yet available. I will be able to move only in January. So for the moment I had no other choice that renting a small and cold accommodation. As say Madonna and Antonio Banderas, I take my « suitcase in another hall », and I am going very soon to « Take my pictures off another wall » (Probably my next post title?), in all the case « I will get by, I always have before ».

Par Nathanaël Martel

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