Last Saturday, the famous sparkling wine flew at high speed: it was my graduation day! For me and 120 students of my promotion it was the great day, the one we were waiting for at least 3 year. For me it is the first degree in 5 year, the only one.
Graduation day in France may be a very casual day as there is no tradition at all. It seams that students doesn’t like it, at least those who studied abroad because they carry back a bit of what they have discover: we were several in kilt and a couple wore the Anglo-Saxon university dress (black with the square hat).

After the official ceremony, we had a « gala »: a big party with dinner and dance.

Par Nathanaël Martel

Développeur Web, défenseur de la culture libre et du revenu de base

Une réponse sur « Champagne! »

Ah! Oui! Champagne!
3 bonnes ann?es sanctionn?es par un beau petit diplome! Et un gala tr?s sympa!!


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