Ordinary miracles…

Hit wave over the country and especially where I stay in Lyon. However, I may enjoy a very little garden, little but huge for such city! My favorite is a bouquet of lavender as to remind me that I am close from « Provence », with those blue flowers come the untilled yellow sunflowers…


The final touch is an apricot tree which gives so much fruits that a couple of branch broke up! For the next week we are going to eat apricot in jam, tart, compote…

I build last week a new system to publish my pictures: you can see them here.

Par Nathanaël Martel

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cio nat!

come va?
I have to say that your blog is amazing! Today is the first time that I have explored it…How many pictures did you have put here?!?!!!
great pictures!
i miss you all…and watching them that feeling of missing enhance!!

a big kiss!


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