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Last travel through Scotland, occasion to see a deer which ate in my hand! I went to Fort Williams and took the steam train of Harry Potter to Mallaig: plenty of beautiful landscape! I went to D place in Glenelg who show me his entire region so kindly (broch, forth, sky, dear, castle…). Again thank you D!

Then I took my plane to Lyon I reach in the afternoon which almost the same weather than in Edinburgh… The bad surprise was to arrive without my 30kg over-weighted bags: lost in Paris! I hope to have it tomorrow…

Par Nathanaël Martel

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Hello Nat! The deer seems to be very nice for plov? May be that is all you need for proper plov;-))

All right Man, I regret I didn’t teach you how to make proper plov. The matter is not in ingredients but in the technology of preparation! I will explain you when I have enough time.

By the way I couldn’t find our photos on the web-site!

Shall I leave my signature?

Good Luck to all crazy people!

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